Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Studios where you can take classes of hip-hop dance in NYC

Do you wonder if there is any studio where you can take hip-hop dance classes around NYC?

Although those styles have been founded mostly from streets or dance club scenes, now there are many places you can actually learn and practice those styles in a studio as a class!

I post here some of famous places where you can take official lessons around NYC

One of the biggest studios opening hip-hop dance classes at 322 West 45th Street. You can take variety of styles including hip-hop, street jazz, jazz funk, and lots more with variety of teachers. They also have winter/summer workshops for those who want to practice in an intensive terms.


Steps on Broadway is a studio providing a huge variety of dance styles including Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, and Hip-Hop at Broadway, 74th Street New York. They open for any level, from beginners to advanced. They also hold many performances/events, such as teachers' showcases or artists talks, so even you are not dancers or future dancers, it worth to check out this studio.

Peridance Capezio Center
Peridance Cepezio Center is such a place that has famous figures of hip-hop dance scenes as its teachers including Archie, Jazzy J, or Brian Green. If you want to learn styles, such as House, Popping, Breaking, or Rocking with amazing performers, here is a right place to go.

And, here is PMT Dance Studio at 69 14th Street New York. It is a bit small but famous as their variety of workshops through dance and music and their programs associated with NYU and Alvin Ailey. And also, this is the place where my friend, Sugaloo, holds his Popping dance class! You can take classes from a drop-in class to an intensive workshop here.

Those are just few examples of places where you can take hip-hop classes, and there are lots more places you can look for. Believe or not, hip-hop workshops are now as usual as those of Ballet or Modern in NYC!

But, of course, those cost some of your money and time for driving to NYC and etc, and many of you don't want to pay for that even though you are pretty interested in and likely to experience it.

Don't worry!! For these guys, I WILL hold hip-hop dance workshops on campus in the near future! So, please keep checking updates and do not miss any opportunity for your furture experiences!!

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