Monday, October 18, 2010

Pictures and Movies from SouthBay Cabaret Part Deux last week

Purchase College event, SouthBay Cabaret Part Deux was held last week!

I hope that many of you guys had a chance to come there and had a fun.
Yeees, that was an excellent night! We got rap performance, live bands, modern dance...etc...even Michael Jackson was in a house!
It was a huge box of multi-culture mix of young artists at Purchase College!!

Even for those who missed it, I leave some of picture and movies here.
You can also check how it looked like on their Youtube page and Flicker page.

Here is the pictures from the day...

SouthBay Cabaret

southbay cabaret dance

southbay cabaret rap

southbay cabaret band

southbay cabaret band

And, thank you, one of my friend, Sugaloo! He did an excellent solo dance performance on that day!!
He is truly bringing something we have not used to have at Purchase College!!

You can watch his performance here... Check out his such awesome movements!!

This is sooooo cool.........
Yeah, actually I have watched this movie for more than 5 times!!

The event was over, but I will continue to look for and post events' information and updates in and around the college, so please keep checking them out!

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  1. was very surprised to see me and my banjo up there. sweet coverage.

  2. >>Dave McNamara
    It provided so awesome sounds!! I loved it!

    By the way, if you have any problem with the photo, plz let me know asap...

  3. oh no, i'm so glad it's out there a bit!