Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dance Showcase at SouthBay Cabaret Part Deux!

On this Thursday, there will be Free Style dance showcase performed by one of my friend, Sugaloo, as a part of SouthBay Cabaret Part Deux!!

It will be in the upper lobby of our Performing Arts Center, running from 5-7pm on Thursday October 14th at Purchase College.

They also have other variety of performances, such as music, rap, dance, etc...

Moreover, it is FREE and will have snacks and drinks, so there is no reason to miss it if you are in the college!

By the way, Sugaloo was on PTV for its promotion showing his amazing dance last night, so check that out, too!

If you are interested, you can check his dance team website.
He also have popping class for beginners in NYC every Thursday night.

Again, do not forget about SouthBay Cabaret Part Deux on this Thursday!
There must be something you can't miss!
See you there!

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

BAM, Next Wave Festival - Vollmond (Full Moon)

Although I am promoting hip-hop and other related dance events, I am also a big fan of Modern dance. Yes I am!
And, on this weekend, I went to Next Wave Festival @ BAM, Brooklyn Academy of Music, to see Vollmond (Full Moon), a truly wonderful modern dance piece by Pina Bausch!!

It was just a astonishing performance. Water runs in a rivulet on the stage, splashed over the rock, rain falls down, and those amazing dances spread and cover the house with passions and emotions....

Yes, that was one of the best intensive and crazy yet beautiful performance I've ever seen, and I really really really enjoyed it!

The program is ended, but Next Wave Festival is still going on, and there is a lot of interesting performances/events.
Please visit Next Wave Festival website to look for future programs.

Believe me! BAM is one of really worth places visiting when you come to NYC!


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