Sunday, November 28, 2010

Is Ballet Over?

New York Times' post "When the Critic Says an Art Form Is Dying" is questioning "Is Ballet Over?"

This is one of my questions, when I check out recent programs through famous theatres.

Truly, recent ballet programs tend to be, what Jennifer Homans stated, "museums for the old."

Is that so?
You can see comments from some famous figures about that questions that includes pressures from board members and so on.

I personally just hope that ballet can open up new fields with old traditions but without oppression from that, even though it won't come as long as elders don't want change and want to be filled with a sense of their nostalgia...

I like Ballet, so I don't want to let it be over.

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  1. Of course Ballet is not over! How could it ever die? I think the technique will live on, but the context in which Ballet choreography is used will always be changing.

  2. Thanks for great stuff.